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HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Satake will exhibit a broad range of equipment at the International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (FOOMA) from June 12-15 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

FOOMA is one of the largest trade shows in Asia for food technology, and this year will have more than 790 exhibiting companies involved in every stage of the food production process.

The show, hosted by the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association, is in its 41th year.

Satake will exhibit and demonstrate five different groups of machinery and poster panels, under the theme “Challenge! Satake.”

In the group for grain conditioning and processing machinery, Satake will exhibit a new Sake rice milling machine, a rinse free rice production machine and a commercial rice milling machine, along with other new machines such as Satake’s Henry Simon brand flour mill.

In the group for optical sorters, Satake will demonstrate a chute type “PIKASEN α PLUS” and belt type “BELTUZA XeNO,” both equipped with NIR cameras and shape sorting for similar color impurities and deformed impurities.

In the group for test/analytical equipment, Satake will demonstrate various equipment such as the new rice analyzer equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

In the group for cooking and food processing machinery, Satake will demonstrate the pressurized IH rice cooking unit, which cooks rice evenly without deforming the kernel, and the semi-automatic small-scale IH cooking system.

In the group for value-added products and home appliances, Satake will exhibit “Magic Rice” with two new flavors along with a demonstration of the GABA Mill, a home-use rice milling equipment that can produce GABA rice.

Satake’s booth will be in East 7 Hall (Booth No. 7Y-24). The booth is open from 10-5 p.m.