WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — For the second year in a row the CBH Group has been named Australia's No.1 cooperative in the annual Top 100 list of cooperatives, credit unions and mutuals released by Co-operatives Australia, the company announced on May 3.

Acting CBH Group Chief Executive Officer David Moroney said retaining the position as Australia's No.1 cooperative, with total revenue of A$2.63 billion, is a significant achievement for the CBH Group and its members.

CBH is owned and controlled by 4,500 Western Australian grain growers.

“It is especially satisfying following the major review of our structure we completed last year which confirmed we should remain a cooperative,” Moroney said. “Our investigation, and the latest top 100 list, reinforce that co-operatives can be just as successful as corporate entities, and in some sectors can do better, provided they adapt to their changing environment and the changing needs of their members.”

Moroney said the CBH Group has undergone significant transformation over the past 12 months to become a far more efficient and effective organization with the aim of delivering more value for grain growers.

Moroney said growers have demonstrated overwhelming support for the changes made to the business in the last two years and are supporting CBH strongly.

“We are proud to be a co-operative and believe our sole focus on creating and returning value to growers gives us a unique advantage in a more competitive marketplace.”

Co-operatives Australia publishes the top 100 list to facilitate greater awareness of co-operatives and demonstrate the economic and social impact of co-operatives, credit unions and mutual businesses.