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by World Grain Staff
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Vibronet is a world leader for cereal temper time reduction and stands for innovative, high-quality products “Made in Germany.” The company’s location, next to the former flour mill Neumühle Otto Gräf, is in the Lahn Valley, Hessen, Germany, near the Frankfurt/Main airport. The headquarters in Germany organize sales and marketing. However, vibronet has a sales network in various countries worldwide.

Its patented vibration dampener, now also available for capacities up to 50 tph, offers cereal and pulse tempering time reduction for food and feed processes. This scientifically proven method ensures an increase in total yield and bright flours. The German Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food as well as machines in operation worldwide recommend optimal temper times of 4 hours for soft and 6 hours for hard wheat. A surplus of up to 1% more total yield and up to 1.6 % more white flour yield can be achieved. Minimal kW consumption and bacterial growth, as well as significant economies due to reduced building space, are some of the benefits of this system, vibronet said. In feed processes, it improves flake quality and increases gelatinization. In addition, vibration dampening raises semolina output in corn and durum milling.

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