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by World Grain Staff
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vibronet Gräf, Germany, is a world leader for cereal temper time reduction. The company’s location, next to the former flour mill Neumühle Otto Gräf, is situated in the Lahn valley of Hessen in Germany. The vibration dampener vibronet is an exclusive system for drastic cereal and pulse tempering time reduction for all food and feed processes. This scientifically proven method results in increases in total yield and bright flours.

New research findings are now available from the German Research Institute for Cereals, Detmold. Optimal temper times proved to be four hours for soft wheat and six to nine hours for hard wheat. Tests included U.S. soft and hard wheat. A surplus of up to 1.6% total yield (especially of white flours) was proven when using the optimal temper times.

In addition, vibronet increases the semolina output in corn and durum wheat milling. Minimal kilowatt consumption and bacterial growth, as well as significant economies due to reduced building space characterize the performance of this system. The machine treats up to 40 tph at a reduced height. Clean design and optimized vibration force allow up to 12% water addition in one pass.

To supplement the range of products, the company offers an assortment of systems for complete online process control including: automatic moisture controllers and water dosage units; continuous flow metering systems; online temperature, moisture, protein and specific weight control systems; powder hydration mixers; and online color control techniques for powdery bulk materials.

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