Tapco Inc.

by World Grain Staff
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Tapco Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., manufactures one of the most widely accepted lines of nonmetallic elevator buckets (cups) in the industry. Tapco stocks 1 million buckets in 178 sizes manufactured in polyethylene, nylon, urethane, aluminum, ductile iron and fabricated steel. Typical agricultural bucket uses are grain, feed, fertilizer and seed.

Popular styles include CC-HD (Heavy Duty), CC-XD (Xtreme Duty) and Super EuroBucket. The CC-XD is molded with 35%-50% more resin than the classic CC-HD – to guarantee very dense, long wearing surfaces. Super EuroBuckets replace steel buckets and provide equal or greater capacity for elevators. State-of-the-art injection molding machines assure the most consistent product in the industry.
Strong, thick walls “give” and “yield” to withstand hang-ups and return to their original shape. Tapco buckets are known worldwide for their strength and precise discharge characteristics.

Tapco maintains 15 million elevator bolts in 54 sizes in six styles: No. 1 Norway, No. 3 Eclipse Slotted, Fanged, Pointed End Fanged, Western 3-Prong and Reference 70 style – available in carbon steel, zinc plate and stainless steel.

Tapco also has a large inventory of abrasion resistant sheeting, hanger bearings, drag flights and belt splices. For more information, contact Tapco at 1.314.739.9191 or visit www.tapcoinc.com.

Tapco Inc.
225 Rock Industrial Park Drive St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. 63044
Contact: Yassine Abbad 
Tel: 1.314.739.9191 or 1.800.288.2726 (1.800.AT TAPCO) Fax: 1.314.739.5880
Internet: www.tapcoinc.com