Silos Córdoba

by World Grain Staff
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Silos Cordoba is a leading manufacturer of metal silos for grain storage. The company offers a large selection of grain storage solutions, including flat silos, hopper silos, truck load silos and farm silos. It manufactures silos that range in size from 3.5 tonnes to 26.85 tonnes with diameters available from 1.85 meters up to 41.25 meters. Silos Cordoba offers an in-house engineering team, with a presence in 45 countries. With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of steel silos, the company offers a wide range of products and turn-key projects to fit a client’s needs.

The company also manufactures a full line of handling equipment; livestock equipment, including ventilation systems, feeding and watering systems; metal structures and cladding.

Silos Cordoba recently finished a project in Romania that included 8 silos model 16.81/12; 1 silo model 6.11/8 and 4 hopper silos model 3.50/4 (45 degrees). The conveying machinery has been delivered by Silos Cordoba. The total capacity of the plant is 21,000 tonnes.

Silos Córdoba
C/ Imprenta de la Alborada
Pol. Ind. Las Quemadas, parc.226
14014 Córdoba, Spain
Tel: 34.957.325.165 Fax: 34.957.325.473