SCAFCO Grain Systems Company

by World Grain Staff
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SCAFCO Grain Systems Co.

SCAFCO Grain Systems Company has been manufacturing and designing high quality galvanized steel bins/silos for over 60 years. SCAFCO products are engineered for quick on-site assembly, simple operation, and lasting quality.
Products include:

• a complete line of commercial and farm bins and silos;

• hopper-bottom bins and silos;

• grain aeration and drying systems;

• material handling equipment;

• complete ladder systems;

• catwalks and towers;

• giant doors and walk-in doors;

• side discharge systems; and other accessories for complete storage systems.
Individual silos and projects delivered in over 80 countries worldwide are storing wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, pulses, rice, sunflowers, palm kernels, and other free flowing products such as polyethylene beads, wood pellets, animal feed and various minerals. Learn more about SCAFCO by visiting

SCAFCO Grain Systems Company
P.O. Box 11215 Spokane, Washington, U.S. 99211-1215
Tel: 1.509.535.1571 Fax: 1.509.535.9130
E-mail:  Internet: