by World Grain Staff
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PRIVÉ SA, Châlons en Champagne, France, has been studying, manufacturing and erecting corrugated steel silos for agriculture and related industries for more than 60 years and offers a complete range of sizes from 20 to 15,000 cubic meters.

High-quality steel and galvanization is used, including hot-dip galvanized bolts. PRIVÉ silos are designed according to European standards, which are among the most rigorous in the world. PRIVÉ says its bins are “built for life.”

PRIVÉ is dedicated for exportation and is one of the major suppliers of silos in the European Economic Community, Eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries. Its means of manufacturing and its commercial network ensure short delivery time and complete control of bin construction.

98, avenue du Général Patton BP 536 51010 Chalons-en-Champagne, France
Tel: (33) (0)3 26 68 66 66 Fax: (33) (0)3 26 68 66 99
E-mail:  contact@Privé.fr