by World Grain Staff
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Ocrim was founded in 1945 by Guido Grassi, who carried his family’s century-old experience in the milling sector. Ocrim soon gained significant importance and recognition in the world milling market scenario, allowing it to expand and enhance its activities. Its services include site management know-how, customer service capabilities, and training workers to efficiently manage the planning and production of large and sophisticated milling complexes.

Ocrim has always been specialized in “turn-key” plants and designs them with a 3-D modular concept, using several software systems. All products have always been manufactured by skilled and qualified operators at Ocrim workshops in Cremona, Italy, despite the trend by many competitors to relocate production in order to reduce costs.

In fact, Ocrim exports high quality Italian products all over the world. Ocrim’s “Italian Made” slogan (used to communicate that the process is entirely carried out in Italy) is achieving resounding success among the customers who trust the quality of these products, the company said. Ocrim also arranges courses to train skilled technicians employed in the international milling sector. These courses are taught by teachers from all over the world at Ocrim.

Via Massarotti, 76 26100 Cremona, Italy
Tel: 39.0372.4011 Fax: 39.0372.4126.92
E-mail:  info@ocrim.com
Internet:  www.ocrim.com