FrigorTec GmbH

by World Grain Staff
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FrigorTec GmbH produces and distributes cooling units and heat pumps for industrial and food applications. A prominent part of the company’s product range is the GRANIFRIGOR cooling unit, which is designed specifically for grain preservation.

It is used in numerous applications worldwide. For countries in the tropic zone, FrigorTec offers the GRANIFRIGOR Tropic series, and for the world’s very dry and hot regions the company has developed the GRANIFRIGOR Desert series.

Several thousand of GRANIFRIGOR units, successfully in operation, are cooling wheat, barley, maize, rapeseed, rye, mixed feed, oats, rice, soybeans, peas, potatoes, grass seeds, paddy, millet, cacao beans, coffee beans, etc.

Grain cooling with the GRANIFRIGOR system offers the most natural way of grain preservation including:

  • protection against insects and microbes without chemical treatment and independent of weather ambient weather conditions;
  • maintenance of the fresh harvest scent;
  • short amortization period;
  • low energy costs;
  • one-time cooling for long-term storage;
  • no grain restoring or turning; and
  • no yellow colored rice

The GRANIFRIGOR has been a leading grain cooler for over 50 years.

FrigorTec GmbH
Hummelau 1, 88279 Amtzell, Germany
Tel: 49 75 20.914.82.20
Fax:49 75 20.914.82.22