BinMaster launches new website

by World Grain Staff
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LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, U.S. — BinMaster Level Controls of Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S., on Aug. 5 introduced all new content on its website at

Information and forms are now available in both English and Spanish, reflecting BinMaster’s growing customer and distributor base in the Central and Latin American markets. For users with Smartphones, a mobile version of the new site in both Spanish and English makes the site easy to browse.

From the home page, visitors can quickly link to the BinMaster catalog of products, the latest newsletter and video highlighting the 3DLevelScanner. Customers can sign up for newsletters, get a quote or ask a question with quick links to simple forms. A literature finder helps visitors access brochures, manuals, drawings, parts lists and application forms; while the distributor locator helps customers find a local BinMaster specialist. 

The main navigation provides one click access to review information on BinMaster’s vast technology offerings from SmartBob inventory management, the 3DLevelScanner, and guided wave radar to rotaries, capacitance, vibrating rods, pressure and tilt switches. Plus, there are quick links to complementary bin accessories including dust and flow detection and aeration devices. There is more in-depth information about every product offered along with newly-added photos of real-life applications. Plus, related literature and video is easy to find and can be downloaded directly from each product page.

“Our goal is to best the best supplier of level measurement worldwide. Key to that is providing the ultimate customer service experience either in person, on the phone, or over the Internet. Improving BinMaster’s web site is just one element of making it easier to do business with BinMaster than any other level controls company,” said Todd Peterson, BinMaster’s vice-president of sales.