Cargotec to supply grain unloader

by World Grain Staff
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HELSINKI, FINLAND — This December, Cargotec said it will deliver its largest model Siwertell road-mobile unloader to an undisclosed owner in South America. The Siwertell 15 000 S will be used to discharge soy meal, corn and wheat at rated capacities of 250 tph to 400 tph, depending on the material being handled.

The order is for a trailer-based, diesel-powered unit fitted with double-bellows, a dust filter and Siwertell safety features appropriate for handling organic material. 

"Safety is, of course, a paramount consideration in modern industrial process," said Jörgen Ojeda, Siwertell sales director. "When handling organic material, dust mixed with oxygen and air can result in an explosive atmosphere inside the enclosed conveying system. Therefore, the Siwertell unloader's safety system monitors any potential hazard and is fully-equipped to minimize the risk of an explosion.

"The provision of dual loading bellows means that road transport units or rail wagons can be loaded sequentially without the need to interrupt the unloading process. This maintains the unloader's rated capacities throughout the discharge process. Compared to a single loading bellows system, the through-ship capacity is increased by 25% to 30%. It is also possible to connect the outlet to almost any type of receiving land-based conveying system.

"This level of safety and efficiency, along with the quality of our products and our reputation as a reliable partner, secured this new order.”

The new unloader will be built at Cargotec's Siwertell production premises in Bjuv, Sweden. It will have a totally-enclosed conveying system, which eliminates dust and any spillages.