Pavan offers FoodTechMaster courses

by World Grain Staff
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PADUA,  ITALY — The Pavan Group is again offering training in 2013, with two editions targeted at plant managers, production managers,  R&D managers, quality control managers and technical production officers from all over the world. 

The company headquarters in Galliera Veneta, Padova, Italy, will host the FoodTechMaster training courses, with the aim to share the most advanced techniques applied to food production and to spread knowledge and skills.  

Pavan offers all participants a unique training experience, with both theoretical and practical lessons that will tackle a number of issues exhaustively and in depth.  Theoretical lessons, given by speakers and experts from the academic world and by process engineers of the Pavan Group will alternate with moments of practical experience, involving tests in pilot plants as well as organoleptic and sensory evaluation tests. Students will have hands-on experience of the product and apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the lessons. 

A specialization course on pellet snack production is scheduled Sept. 17-20. Speakers will include Bruno de Cindio, who will address issues related to the extrusion process, and Dr. D.J. Van Zuilichem, food engineering retired professor from the Agricultural University of Wageninge (Netherlands), who will give a lecture on extruded  snack pellets. Theoretical teaching will be followed by a visit to the plant to complete the knowledge of production techniques. The training course on dry pasta production technologies is scheduled Oct. 14-18.  Speakers include Dr. Maria Grazia D’Egidio from the Agricultural Research and Experimentation Council  in Rome, Dr. Donatella Peressini from the Department of Food Science of Udine University, Bruno de Cindio from the Department of Engineering Modelling of Calabria University, Dr. Antonio Nespoli from Barilla, and Luciano Piergiovanni from DeFENS (University of Milan).

For more information and for registrations, visit or e-mail