Maxi-Lift introduces high capacity elevator buckets

by World Grain Staff
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DALLAS, TEXAS, U.S. — Maxi-Lift announced on Feb. 15 the new series of Tiger-CC elevator buckets.  
The Tiger-CC has the design of the CC, with the toughness of the original Tiger-Tuff.  The Tiger-CC has thicker walls and corners. 
The new Tiger-CC series has been expanded to 13 sizes. The Tiger-CC is available from a 12x8 up to a 28x10. This largest size will carry up to 30,000 bushels per hour in a single row, which is a huge breakthrough for high capacity bucket elevators, Maxi-Lift said. In the past, bucket elevators had to use multiple rows to achieve larger capacities. Now, the new-generation of high capacity bucket elevators can use fewer buckets in fewer rows to achieve a greater capacity.  
In addition to a single row 30,000 bushel per hour elevator, the Tiger-CC series of buckets allows for a double row 60,000 bph elevator. Other Tiger-CC arrangements allow for capacities of between 10,000 bph, and 75,000 bph.
“Customers have been asking for single row 25,000 and 30,000 bph elevators, and now it is a reality. Using the Tiger-CC elevators buckets, our customers can reduce the number of rows needed to achieve these larger capacities,” said Paul Phillips, president of Maxi-Lift. 
“Large terminals and port facilities continue to demand high throughputs. We focused on meeting those needs by creating a product that could achieve the desired capacity, while keeping the actual elevator size to a minimum,” said Bo Fisher, vice-president of sales for North America. 
Maxi-Lift distributes elevator bucket and accessory solutions to over 70 countries around the globe.