Ocrim updates facility in Cameroon

by World Grain Staff
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PORT OF DOULA, CAMEROON — Ocrim has been contracted to update a facility in Cameroon for the SOMDIAA Group’s subsidiary SGMC in two phases.

The first phase foresees the total arrangement of the warehouse, storage and shipment of finished products, the installation of the new milling section and the installation of the machines necessitated by the increase of the capacity of the existing mill. The facility’s present capacity of 280 tonnes per 24 hours will be increased to 600 tonnes per 24 hours after the installation of a new milling line with a capacity of 200 tonnes per 24 hours and the increase in the capacity of the existing mill from 280 to 400 tonnes per 24 hours. Ocrim noted that the increase of the milling capacity of the existing section will be carried out with a minimum of stoppage time of the production.

In the second phase, Ocrim will install at new cleaning section with 30-tph capacity and increase the facility’s wheat silos capacity and the mechanization. Ocrim will also supply all the electrical part and automation. The mill’s automation software will be Ocrim’s management@mill that allows the management of the cleaning section, wheat milling, storage and shipment of the finished products and also of the scheduled maintenance and spare parts warehouse.

Ocrim noted that SOMDIAA is an important group in the food and agriculture sector in Africa. The group owns various branches in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and Ile de la Réunion. Its activities cover a variety of sectors such as sugar cane production and processing, the production of flour and animal feed, the breeding of ovary chicken and the selling of cotton fibers.

As far as cereals processing is concerned, SOMDIAA has always followed a development policy inside its branches: SMAG (Societé Meunière et Avicole du Gabon), SGMC (Société le Grand Moulin du Cameroun) and CO.GE.DAL (Compagnie General d’Alimentation – La Réunion). Ocrim noted these three companies have been customers for many years.