New look for Victam International 2011

by Arvin Donley
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The last time the Victam International exhibition was held, in 2007, the global economy, at least on the surface, appeared to be strong.

Nobody could have imagined the chaos that would ensue a few months later when, seemingly overnight, the world plunged into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Fortunately, most of those who will gather at the 2011 Victam International exhibition May 3-5 in Cologne, Germany — particularly representatives from the grain, milling and feed industries — have not only survived the crisis but are thriving, relative to many other industries.

“It will be four years since the last Victam International exhibition and a lot has happened within the industries that this world famous exhibition serves,” said Henk van de Bunt, general manager of Victam International. “This will be reflected in this new event — there will now be three trade shows within the exhibition hall and seven different conferences for the international delegates to attend.”

Not only have new trade shows and conferences been added, the event itself is being held at a new location, having moved from Utrecht, Netherlands to the Cologne Exhibition Centre in Germany’s fourth largest city.

The Victam, FIAAP and GRAPAS trade shows will target specific industries. The Victam expo will feature the latest technology and equipment that is utilized in the manufacture and production of animal feeds, dry petfood and aquafeed. The FIAAP expo will showcase the latest technology and equipment devoted to the feed ingredients and additives segment of the industry. The GRAPAS expo will feature the latest equipment and additives used in flour milling, the processing, handling, storage and distribution of grain and rice, as well as the specialist technology used for the production of pasta and noodles.

Approximately 300 companies from 28 countries will exhibit their products and services at the three trade shows, which will be co-located in the same expo hall.

The FIAAP Conference will be held May 4 and the GRAPAS Conference on May 5. Other conferences to be held during the three-day event are: Aquafeed Horizons and IFF Feed Processing on May 3; Petfood Forum Europe and Feed Safety Assurance in a Globalizing Industry on May 4; and Pellets for Bioenergy on May 5.

Here is a look at each of the technical conferences.

Organized by the International Research Institute of Feed Technology (IFF), the feed processing conference will feature presentations by experts from some of the world’s major suppliers of equipment and technology that will be used in feed mills in future decades.

Among the wide range of topics to be discussed are:
• improving feed conversion by target-oriented feed production;
• reducing the feed industry’s carbon footprint;
• milling and compacting concepts;
• production of stable compound feed;
• modern mixing systems for the specifi c requirements of just-in-time production;
• securing the hygienic state of compound feed; and
• efficient processing of additives in compound feed formulations.

IFF said it has decided not to charge a delegate fee as a sign of its commitment to the feed industry. For more information, visit

According to Euromonitor International, the global petfood market increased 4% in sales from 2008 to 2009, to a total of $52 billion, and the market is expected to keep growing. Global Industries Analysts projects sales of dog and cat food to reach $56.4 billion by 2015.

Innovations in specialty, premium and gourmet petfood products and packaging techniques are expected to propel growth in the large and relatively mature markets of Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

The latest innovations in the petfood industry will be discussed during this forum. Industry experts will share their knowledge and insights on innovation in areas such as nutrition, product development, packaging, processing, materials management and purchasing, safety and pet retailing.

To register for the forum, go to:

After holding a pair of successful events in Victam Asia in 2008 and 2010, the FIAAP conference comes to Europe in partnership with the newly formed European Feed Technology Center (EUFETEC), a new organization that unites European animal feed manufacturers, academia and researchers in a common vision for the sector.

The program will offer insights into current feed hygiene and safety issues, regulation, and specifi c ingredients by members of EUFETEC and the industry.

Topics to be presented include:
• feed safety: a whole chain approach;
• monitoring at a sector level for undesirable substances in the pre-mixtures and compound feed industry;
• cross-contamination in the compound feed industry;
• nutritional value of wheat DDGS for ruminants, pigs and poultry;
• feed processing effect on bioavailability of lysine;
• potential for organic trace minerals to improve animal health; and
• choosing the right mycotoxin binders.

For more information about the FIAAP Conference, go to

Organized by GMP+ International, which manages the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) scheme, this seminar is free of charge. The program will feature an overview on the GMP+ FSA scheme as well as several other presentations.

For more information about the conference, visit

Taking place for the first time in Europe after being held at the 2010 Victam Asia event, GRAPAS will bring millers and grain processors from across Europe and beyond together to learn about the latest developments in fl our milling, grain processing, grain and finished product storage and handling solutions.

Dr. Jan Willem van der Kamp, a renowned cereal scientist, will be the keynote speaker at GRAPAS, updating delegates on the results of HEALTHGRAIN, a $17 million E.U.-funded integrated project which ran for five years and was completed in 2010.

The technical program will also include presentations on:
• the German milling industry;
• organizing stored crop management;
• long-term preservation of high-moisture grain under European conditions;
• how twin screw extrusion faces health and environmental challenges of grain processing industries;
• different scopes of NIR spectroscopy applied into a bakery food producer; and
• trends in grain milling.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website:

Giving industry stakeholders an update on the current state of the biomass pellets markets and related issues will be the aim of this technical conference. An overview will be provided on current pellet production and markets throughout Europe, which shows that pellet production capacity is still increasing impressively.

For more information, visit