Lanka Sathosa Chairman nails 'plastic rice' canard

Daily News (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka, June 16 -- Lanka Sathosa Chairman T M K B Tennakoon said he would make a complaint in the CID on Monday asking to investigate on the individuals who spread the canard on "plastic rice" in social media.

The Chairman addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday said he believed that the false campaign was a deliberate attempt to disrepute Lanka Sathosa and create a public opinion that sub-standard goods are sold in its outlets.

"We want the individuals behind this campaign be exposed" he said. When asked whether Lanka Sathosa experienced a decline in trade over the past few day, the Chairman said, "We did not assess yet, but this incident obviously made an impact on the sales".

He pointed out the RRDI in its report released on Wednesday said a rice ball made out of any rice variety could bounce back to a height of about 20 cm. He said Lanka Sathosa had a consignment of 20 metric tons of 'Basmati rice' imported from Pakistan, adding that 16 metric tons of it has already been sold and the rest would also be sold in the coming days. He said the import of rice from Pakistan would continue.

He also said it is difficult to sell rice at the maximum retail price set by the Government, adding that measures have been taken to import rice from countries such as India to control the prices.

He said the matter of rice prices will be discussed at the Cost of Living Cabinet Sub-Committee.

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