Egypt bought 5.1 million tonnes of Wheat in FY2013/14


At total value of $1.5 billion, Egypt has imported around 5.1 million tonnes of wheat during fiscal year 2013/2014, said state-owned General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC).

According to GASC's vice chairman Mamdouh Abd El Fattah, Romania and Russia are capturing the lion's share of Egypt's total wheat imports last year.

Out of the 5.1 million tonnes, Egyptimported around 1.860 million tonnes from Romania, 1.780 million tonnes from Russia, 930.000 tonnes from Ukraine, 660.000 tonnes from France and 230.000 tonnes from the USA.

Egypt's strategic stocks of domestic and imported wheat are safe and sufficient to last for six months, the Egyptian official told Amwal Al Ghad on Monday.

Egypt is the world's largest wheat importer, which usually purchases around 10 million tons of wheat per year from international markets and uses a mixture of domestic and importedwheat for its subsidised bread program.

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