Ukraine's export of grain grows by a third in previous agricultural year


- Preliminary data show that Ukraine in the past marketing agricultural year (between June 2013 and July 2014) exported 32.4 million tonnes of grain, which is by 29 percent higher than a year earlier (22.82 million tonnes), press service of Ukraine's Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food reports referring to the state veterinary service.

The state veterinary service quotes preliminary data, where Ukraine exported over 32,4 million tonnes of grain - 9.4 million tonnes of wheat, 20.1 million tonnes of corn and 2.5 million tonnes of barley.

The ministry of agricultural policy will continue working with the market participants in the new grain year, which began on July 1. On June 27, an inter-ministerial working group on the country's grainmarket adopted a final variant of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food and the businesses exportinggrain. The press service says the memorandum will be inked within several days.

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