Zimbabwean is new chair of IRRI's Board of Trustees

by Chrystal Shannon
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THE PHILIPPINES — Angeline Kamba has become the new chair of the Board of Trustees for the International Rice Research Institute. Kamba, who succeeds Sjarifudin Baharsjah of Indonesia, is the first woman and the first African to chair the governing body of the world’s leading international rice research and training center.

The IRRI has recently been transferred to the Office of the President from the Department of Agriculture. The move reportedly underscores the Arroyo administration’s emphasis on the use of hybrid rice as a strategy to increase food production, generate jobs and raise farmer incomes. The Department of Agriculture is to allocate and realign P450 million (U.S.$8.8 million) from its Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Program budget as funding support for the Hybrid Rice Program.