Vigan installs new barge unloading facility in Germany

by Teresa Acklin
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   KREFELD, GERMANY — A new barge unloading installation was completed recently by Vigan Engineering SA, Nivelles, Belgium, for a starch processing facility in Krefeld owned by Cerestar.

   Cerestar wanted an “environmentally friendly” facility that utilized minimum energy consumption, Vigan said.

   Cerestar is the starch processing division of the Eridania Beghin-Say group, a Paris-based conglomerate controlled by the Montedison group of Italy. E.B.S.'s wide-ranging operations include a leading position in the European sugar industry, a major stake in corn and wheat refining through its Cerestar operations in Europe and the U.S., oil refining and feed manufacturing, as well as a broad range of consumer products.

   “Eridania Beghin-Say and Cerestar are closely cooperating with Vigan Engineering to optimize the transport logistics of the agricultural raw materials in the European Union,” Vigan said.

   The Krefeld facility in Germany produces ketogulonic acid, which is transformed into vitamin C. Cerestar also operates nine ISO 9002-certified plants in the European Union that transform maize and wheat into liquid sugars.

   Vigan also has installed NIV pneumatic ship unloaders at Cerestar factories in Manchester, England, and Sas-Van-Gent in The Netherlands.