Victam Asia 2008

by Arvin Donley
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Victam Asia 2008, the premier event in Asia for the animal feed, aquafeed, petfood and grain processing industries, will be held March 5-7 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

A full program of international conferences and a trade show with more than 100 exhibitors displaying the latest equipment, technology and additives will highlight the three-day conference. The last time the event was held, in 2006, more than 3,000 visitors attended the show. They included animal, pet and aquatic feed manufacturers, integrators and grain processors from the Asia Pacific region as well as other parts of the world.

Victam organizers said in November that the exhibition was virtually full and they might have to apply for additional exhibition area (see list of exhibitors, page 47).

"Not only are there many new exhibitors coming to the event, but also many of the companies that reserved exhibition areas in 2006 had increased their stand space, some more than doubling it for 2008," said Henk van de Bunt, general manager of Victam. "Exhibitors had been so pleased with the 2006 event that they felt with the industry in Southeast Asia expanding so significantly, they had to respond by showing more equipment on their stands to meet the increased demands for

new technology."

For the first time, this year’s Victam Asia event will be colocated with the Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific (FIAPP) Conference and Exhibition. As of November, there were more than 30 exhibitors signed up for the FIAAP exhibition. The FIAAP Conference will take place on March 5 and include presentations from a dozen experts in the feed ingredient sector.

In addition to the FIAAP Conference, three other conferences will be held concurrently with Victam Asia: Petfood Forum Asia 2008, Aquafeed Horizons Conference and the Thai Feed Conference.

The supporting conferences "offer delegates a truly great series of papers that will be presented by renowned international specialists," van de Bunt said. "This, of course, is wonderful for the exhibitors as these delegates are generally both senior and highly influential within their companies."

For further information on the exhibitions, conference programs and free visitor registration, visit the Victam website at

Strict regulation by the European Union (E.U.), the threat of diseases, limited awareness about feed additives and cheap generic products are among the challenges facing the Asia Pacific feed additives market. The FIAAP Conference will focus on those issues and more during its daylong session on March 5.

An overview of the animal feed additives market in Southeast Asia, in terms of unit value and volume, will be one of the highlights of the conference.

Sri Ganesh, consulting analyst with the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, will discuss pricing trends and the factors involved in influencing the prices of feed additives. Amino Acid — particularly methionine, lysine and tryptophan — feed acidifiers and feed enzymes will be the main areas of focus based on their current levels of significance in animal feed production in the region. The presentation will also cover feed antibiotics and direct-fed microbial products.

The geographical scope of the research presented comprises Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. One of the factors these countries have in common is that both the poultry and swine sectors are driving the growth in the livestock industry.

Frost & Sullivan have concluded that the future of the animal feed additives market in Southeast Asia will be in the non-antibiotic growth promoters’ market segment.

Here is the complete list of presentations to be given at the conference:

• "Southeast Asia Animal Feed Additives Market: Overview and Trends," Sri Ganesh, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific

• "Raw Material Supply and Demand," Dr. Robert Swick, American Soybean Association-IM

• "A Comparison of Digestible Protein and Amino Acids Content and Value of Terrestrial Animal Protein Meals for Aquafeeds," Dr. Yu Yu, National Renderers Association

• "Fishmeal and Oil," Scott Herbert, Omega Protein

• "Amino Acid Content in Fishmeal Shows High Variation," Dr. Torben Madsen, Degussa

• "Natural Ingredients — Product Opportunities and Process Issues," Colin Mair, Cormal Technology

• "Mycotoxins in Animal Nutrition — Problems and Solutions," Mathieu Cortyl, Impextraco

• "Bacterial Contamination of Feed and Feed Ingredients — Importance of Control for Food Safety and Animal Performance," Dr. Adam Smith, Anitox

• "Efficacy of Phytogenics in Commercial Layers," Dr. Tobias Steiner, Biomin

• "A Sustainable Alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters in Poultry Nutrition," Katrien Deschepper, Nutrition Sciences

• "Turning Bad News Into Good News — Feeding Opportunities for the Asia Pacific Animal Industry to Maximize Profitability," Dr. Andeas Kocher, Alltech Biotechnology

• "A Healthy Gut for Optimal Performance Through Release Concepts in Animal Diets," Koen Schwarzer, Nutri-Ad International

For registration information and more details about the conference, visit www.

The debut of the Asian edition of Petfood Forum, which has been a premier event in the petfood industry for 15 years, will feature seven speakers during the daylong event on March 5.

The educational program includes the following presentations:

• "Global and Asian Petfood Sales Trends," Maria Trombly, Trombly Ltd.

• "Petfood Safety and Traceability" Julie Lezner Kirk, Applied Creative Technologies

• "Advances in Pet Nutrition," David Southey, Southey Consultants, Inc.

• "New and Functional Ingredients," Dr. Anton Beynen, Vobra

• "Advances in Palatability," Chris Nelson, Kemin

• "Treat Extrusion," Will Henry, Extru-Tech

For registration information and more details about the conference, visit www.

Held on March 6, the daylong Aquafeed Horizons Conference will provide real-world practical information to help improve aquatic feed production and profitability.

An international lineup of experts will give presentations on a variety of topics that are pertinent to the aquafeed industry. The educational program includes the following presentations:

• "Aquafeed and Aquaculture Production and Policies in Thailand," Dr. Juadee Pongmaneerat, Thai Department of Fisheries

• "Promoting Animal Health Through Feed," Dr. Peter Coutteau, Inve

• "The Development of Novel Feeding Attractants for Sustainable Aquaculture," Dr. Andrew Moore, Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, U.K.

• "Palatability Improvement in Shrimp Feeds," Dr. Vincent Fournier, Aquativ

• "The South Anarctic Krill Industry," Dimitri Scalabos, Tharos

• "Ingredient Trends and Effects on the Extrusion Process," Galen Rokey, Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.

• "Technical Advancements in Extruded Shrimp Feeds," Joe Kearns, Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.

• "Starter Diet Production Technology," Will Henry, Extru-Tech, Inc.

• "Beyond Pre-Conditioning — Reducing Carbon Footprint and Increasing Quality," Colin Mair, Cormal Technology

For registration information and more details about the conference, visit www.

Experts from Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Livestock, the Thai Feed Mill Association and local industry will present a series of technical papers on the importance of ingredients and additives with the correct formulation and production of animal feeds. Conference organizers said that this issue is becoming increasingly important because of increases in base raw material costs for feeds and the constant introduction of new and improved feed additives.

They also noted that feed production is now subject to even more stringent regulations, both in Thailand and abroad, and the use of additives and ingredients within the processing chain is "under the spotlight." However, it is not just in these areas that the use of additives is paramount, but also in their correct formulation within the feed recipe. Incorrect formulation can mean wasted production, time and revenue, which results in increased costs.

A group of expert speakers will address these topics at the March 7 conference. A list of specific topics and speakers was not available at press time. For more registration information and more details about the conference, send an email to: