U.K. Tech Outlook

by Teresa Acklin
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A special advertising supplement profiling suppliers from the United Kingdom

   Europe's most highly rationalized and efficient flour milling industry is found in the United Kingdom. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the U.K. also is home to some of the world's foremost manufacturers of advanced and reliable grain handling and flour milling equipment. U.K.-based companies can provide for all your company's equipment requirements, from elevator buckets to turnkey projects. Some of the U.K.'s finest suppliers to the world milling industry are featured in the following pages.


   Farthing Road

   Ipswich, Suffolk 1P1 5AP

   Tel: 44-(0473) 745247

   Fax: 44-(0473) 240070

   Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd. is a U.K. manufacturing company operating a cast iron foundry and machine shop producing up to 1,150 tonnes of finished rolls per annum.

   Turner Chilled Rolls Ltd. supplies rolls for flour milling, cereal flaking (breakfast foods, animal feeds and oil extraction), pellet crumbling and coffee grinding. The quality is Straight Carbon Clear Chill, Cast Iron, the traditional, value for money, quality used in these industries.

   Rolls can be supplied for any make of mill. Oversize rolls can be supplied when required.

   The range of rolls is from 6 inches (150 mm) in diameter weighing as little as 35 kg, up to 24 inches (600 mm) in diameter at 2,500 kg. Larger rolls can be supplied through our associated company, The Davy Roll Company, with no effective upper limit on size.

   The name Turner is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Turner has served the cereal industries for more than a century.


   P.O. Box 19, Bird Hall Lane

   Cheadle Heath

   Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0RX

   Tel: 44-061-428-0428

   Fax: 44-061-428-1194

   The year 1992 has seen some exciting new developments in Satake's flour milling product range.

   RRMB Roller Mill. The new RRMB roller mill incorporates a variable-speed feed roll drive. The RRMB controls the flow of stock into the roller mill accurately by varying the speed of the feed rolls.

   The intelligent, microprocessor-based, variable-speed feed control module, housed in the operator keypad, engages and disengages the main grind rolls by pneumatic solenoid actuation. It provides display information for the operator on feed roll speed and main motor current.

   When set in automatic, the new control regulates and smooths the flow of stock into the grinding rolls.

   Satake has introduced a new milling separator, the GFIB. The machine is driven by twin out-of-balance motors that provide a more efficient separating action. Two sieves, the upper one for large screenings and the lower for fine screenings, allow for more selective grading of grain.

   Satake's new closed circuit aspirator, GCAA, separates light impurities from grain very effectively. Suited for use in both grain intake and grain cleaning plants, it can be used with a milling separator, scouring machine or as an independent aspirator.

   Designed for continuous flake disruption and grinding of a wide range of cereal products, Satake's pin mill, RPMA, is a flexible multipurpose in-line machine. Its principal application is to grind clean middlings and fine semolina into flour. It can provide a less expensive option than a roller mill in a mill diagram.

   The machine can provide the ability to make a flour release approaching 60% in one pass when dealing with clean middlings.

   The quiver sifter,RVSB, which can sift sticky products coming from mill filters and bran dusters, offers improved efficiency. Mounted on rubber suspension elements, the new quiver sifter is very stable, and adjustable beaters can alter the sifter screen.


   Gaymers Way

   North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 0AN

   Tel: 44 (0692) 500202

   Fax: 44 (0692) 404955

   Samplex supplies equipment to collect a grain sample that accurately reflects the constitution of the bulk, even when there are different sized particles present.

   For static bulk materials, Samplex offers either the CS 90 or CS 30 bulk sampling system to enable a truly representative sample to be collected from trucks, tankers, trailers, bins and bags. The CS 30 is a low-cost sampler, sampling bulk cereals, oilseeds, powders and granules. The CS 90 samples grains as well as pellets, pulses, milled products., etc. It is ideal for high grain throughput situations and is especially useful in the feed industry. Both systems can be fully automatic to allow the operator to have his hands free during sampling.

   In-line samplers also are available to collect a sample from moving grain.

   Once a representative bulk sample has been obtained, it is necessary to randomly divide that sample into representative laboratory samples for analysis. Samplex has a range of dividers, from riffle to automatic, for this purpose.

   A range of laboratory test equipment also is available.


   Hunslet Road

   Leeds LS10 1JZ

   Tel: 44-(0532) 457491

   Fax: 44-(0532) 435021

   Telex: 557633 BRAIME G


   Bat. Anne de Bretagne

   1 bis, rue Julien Videment

   44200 Nantes France

   Tel: 40-204466

   Fax: 40-204471


   101 National Rd., Unit 3

   East Peoria, Illinois 61611 U.S.

   Tel: (309) 698-5611

   Fax: (309) 698-5615

   Braime (Elevator Buckets) Ltd., Leeds, has been pressing steel for more than a century — and elevator buckets have long been a part of their output. In 1974, a separate trading company was established to deal specifically with elevator buckets, elevator belts, elevator bolts, hazard monitors and silo level controls. This has enabled Braime (Elevator Buckets) Ltd. to offer a package of allied products to the materials handling industry. Braime's bucket range covers more than 350 different sizes, styles and thicknesses which are manufactured in steel, high-density polyethylene, urethane and toughened nylon.

   In 1984, the U.S. subsidiary, 4B Elevator Components of East Peoria, Illinois, was formed. 4B quickly developed a reputation in the United States and in Canada's grain industry for quality products and bucket elevator upgrading. Additionally, 4B has recently announced the introduction of the new Big J ‘‘Super 8'' High-Density Polyehtlylene Elevator Bucket.

   In 1991, Braime acquired Setem of France, who are the designers of the highly efficient and much-copied Starco system. The Braime group of companies does business in more than 30 countries worldwide, which represents about 40% of their total sales.


   Barfoot Centre, Hackhurst Industrial Estate

   Lower Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 4BW

   Tel: 44 0323 440267

   Fax: 44 0323 440232

   T.W. Barfoot Ltd. offers a complete range of milling equipment with machines to suit wheat, durum and maize mills within a range of 24 to 400 tonnes per day. All sections of the mill are covered from grain intake, through screenroom, mill and finished products.

   Available are separators, destoners, scourers, seed cylinders, intensive dampeners, roller mills, sifters, bran finishers, purifiers, pneumatic conveying equipment, weighers and flour packers, etc. New chilled iron rolls covering milling, crushing and flaking are available to suit all major manufacturers' specifications.

   A more recent development has been the concept of a small platform mill based on standard equipment.

   A subsidiary company in South Africa has recently been formed, T.W. Barfoot AFRICA (PTY) Ltd., based in Escourt, Natal. Contact Helge Schulz. Tel: 0363 21211. Fax: 0363 335069.

   The Southeast Asia Region is covered from our office in Manila, managed by our sales manager Eiren Verdadero. Tel: 655-3233. Fax: 632-6552402.


   Unit 1, Taffs Mead Road

   Treforest Industrial Estate

   Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan CF37 5SU

   Tel: 44 0443 841155.

   Fax: 44 0443 841152

   AgriSense-BCS Ltd. is a leader and pioneer of insect monitoring and control by non-pesticidal methods.

   The AgriSense-BCS portfolio includes a comprehensive range of traps to monitor and control insect pests in stored grain, and a range of more than 400 pheromones (insect sex attractants) together with many creative dispensing systems that take advantage of insects' natural behavior patterns.

   The Funnel Trap is inexpensive and an effective trap for flying insects in dusty areas such as grain stores and warehouses, and in manufacturing and milling areas where dry bulk foodstuffs are stored. The Delta Trap, which traps the insects on a sticky base board, is recommended for use in areas of high temperatures and humidity where hot food is cooked and prepared.The Pitfall Trap detects and monitors crawling insects on and near the surface of stored grain and foodstuffs. The Probe Trap detects and monitors crawling insects deep within grain, and the Window Trap detects and monitors beetles in stored products. Products are environmentally safe, pesticide-free, simple, inexpensive and effective to use.