Tripette & Renaud announces restructuring

by Emily Buckley
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VILLENEUVE-LA-GARENNE, CEDEX, FRANCE — The France-based Tripette & Renaud Group an-nounced several infrastructure changes in early July. The Group, parent company of Chopin, will pass along activities for the quality control of grains, flour and the derived products to Chopin, which will be renamed to Tripette & Renaud Chopin.

Under the umbrella of Tripette & Renaud Chopin, the company will group research and development, manufacturing and sales of the products branded Chopin, Tripette & Renaud and Serdia. The whole team remains dedicated to quality for the cereal chain products said Jean-Pierre Doligé, president.

Tripette & Renaud recently announced a strategic alliance with the Perten Instruments Group in which the companies will market and offer support for the others products, as well as cooperate on product development.