Tornum AB acquires PM-Luft

by Emily Wilson
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KVÄNUM, SWEDEN — Tornum AB acquired in November PM-Luft AB and its line of grain coolers and Kanal System, the dual bin aeration and unloading system. Tornum is a leading Scandinavian company in manufacturing an extensive range of equipment for the grain handling industry.

By adding PM-Luft’s equipment, Tornum is further strengthening its position as a major supplier to the grain handling industry. The manufacturing program also consists of: grain dryers, directly or indirectly heated, batch or continuous flow with a capacity of up to 100 tph; square storage bins; unloading systems for all types of storage bins; aeration equipment and heaters. More of Tornum’s products can be found online at

PM-Luft will be integrated into Tornum’s headquarters, which is also in Kvänum. Jan Hellemar will continue as sales representative for the grain coolers and Kanal System.