Thousands of mills worldwide utilize Buhler technology

by Emily Wilson
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Buhler AG is a leader in the design and construction of plants and equipment for the food processing, chemical processing and die-casting industries.

Thousands of mills around the world operate with Buhler equipment and technology. Buhler's Grain Milling Business Unit designs, supplies and constructs entire milling plants for wheat, maize, rye, oat and buck wheat, including installations for blending, mixing, storing, bagging and handling, as well as processing plants for soybeans.

Buhler also manufactures proportioning and weighing systems, including blending and mixing systems for ready mixes; installations for the reception, storage, checking, proportioning, handling, quality assurance and high-precision weighing of all raw materials for the baking industry; and heat treatment systems.

Activities in the General Food and Feed Division include plants and equipment for the production of animal feed for all livestock species, aquatic animals and pets; bulk materials handling and storage equipment; mechanical and pneumatic ship unloaders and loaders; port terminals; seed treatment; expeller and extraction meal processing; brewing and malting; rice and pulse processing and color sorting.

These activities account for approximately 50% of Buhler's group-wide sales of about U.S.$900 million. A large share of revenue is invested each year in research and development and for training of Buhler customers and employees. Buhler operates 50 affiliated companies and more than 50 agencies in more than 100 countries.

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