The standard in degerminators

by Emily Wilson
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The degerminator from Beall Degerminator, Decatur, Illinois, U.S., used to separate the grit from the germ in maize processing, is used in the production of over 90% of all the dry corn milled in the world, the company said. Originally patented in 1901, the Beall degerminator has improved over the years as industry and milling standards have developed, and today is considered the standard to which other degerminators are measured, Beall said. The patented design's clearance adjustment between the rotor and the outer casing allows for use of all kernel sizes. Each machine is fine-tuned to allow optimum rotor clearance. Germ and grit are discharged separately, resulting in the least amount of post degermination-sizing. Germ and fines are discharged through side screens and the grit is discharged at the end of the machine.