Technical Profile: dry bulk weighing

by Teresa Acklin
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   Contributed by suppliers, technical profiles feature new technology, products, specific applications or proprietary concepts. This article was prepared by Richard Simon & Sons Ltd., Nottingham, U.K.

   For accurate dry bulk weighing applications, from ship to silo, silo to ship, silo to process, or silo to road vehicle or rail wagon, Richard Simon offers the new SBC series of bulk weighers with direct loadcell weight transduction. Systems cover throughput rates up to 1,000 tonnes per hour.

   Cantilevered loadcell ‘suspension' in both weight transduction assemblies ensures accurate weighing. The loadcells themselves are low capacity, hermetically sealed and temperature compensated, with overload protection stops in both overload and reverse load directions of movement. Reliability and trouble-free operation have been improved by radical reduction of moving parts in the weighing system. Dust/dirt build-up, friction wear and corrosion ‘traps' are unnecessary due to the unique design. The weighing system design also eliminates side-forces and accepts off-center loading with no detrimental effects. The result is easy, long lasting and accurate calibration from the controllers' keypad.

   The matching ‘Computa-bulk' controller has inbuilt diagnostics and performance monitoring. These features assist maintenance, minimize downtime and improve productivity. A comprehensive Management Information Package is available for alphanumeric display or hard copy print-out.

   Twenty-two SBC weighers have been supplied to accurately record grain intake at ports in the People's Republic of China in the past 12 months. Other systems recently installed are handling soymeal in the Philippines, and rice, rapeseed, maize, and sunseed in the U.K. Retrofit controllers have been supplied recently for the bulk weighing of grains, raw sugar and malt.