Specializing in loaders/unloaders

by Emily Wilson
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The GBS Group, Padova, Italy, supplies a variety of grain storage and handling systems under its Sangati Berga brand name, including pneumatic ship unloaders with capacities from 50 to 1,000 tonnes per hour. The Sangati Transmec-C, a 400-tph combined mechanical loader/unloader, can be used on cereal grains and other free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials on vessels up to 10,000 dwt. The mechanical Transmec units and the pneumatic Translift models range from 100 to 1,400 tph and are available stationary or on rails or tires. Sangati’s Transload loaders can be equipped with belt or chain conveyors, also on rails or stationary.

GBS Group S.p.A. (Sangati Berga)

Tel: 39.049.870.0799

Fax: 39.049.761.849

E-mail: info@sangati-berga.com

Internet: www.sangati-berga.com