Sortex 90000 sorter has two-month payback

by Emily Wilson
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MINOT, N. DAKOTA, U.S. — A major investment in capital equipment by Minot Milling in Minot, North Dakota, U.S., has paid for itself in only two months of operation.

Kevin Schulz, Minot Milling’s Plant Manager explained: "We are North Dakota’s largest single-unit durum wheat processor and we faced a problem that took a Sortex 90000 optical sorting machine to solve. Buckwheat occurs in the durum wheat presented for processing and ends up with broken durum grains after the first pass. Broken durum is, of course, actually millable; the problem is separating out the buckwheat. We installed the Sortex 90000 and found that its optical capability separated the two grains perfectly."

"The total volume saving runs at 7% to 7½% or 1,800 lbs. an hour," added Schulz. "In cash, this comes to around $2,500 to $3,000 a day."