Ship loading/unloading specialist

by Emily Wilson
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To suit the individual needs of seaports and bulk handling facilities, Vigan Engineering S.A., Nivelles, Belgium, offers a variety of choices in ship and barge loaders and unloaders. The range of loaders and unloaders for ships, barges, trucks, wagons and silos cover capacities from 60 to 650 tph per pipe, for a total of 1,300 tph with two pipes. An expert at design, manufacturing, erection, start-up, on-site training and follow-up services, Vigan guarantees first-class construction with the highest quality materials. Vigan has been particularly successful in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, and recently installed a NIV pneumatic ship unloader and a light mobile machine for use at the Ewa Grain Silo, Port of Szczecin, Poland. Most recently, Vigan was contracted for a world-class fertilizer distribution center at the Port of Gdynia (pictured). The equipment can load dry bulk fertilizer into vessels at 1,000 tph.

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