Roller mills

by Emily Wilson
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With capacity over 400 pounds per inch of roll surface, Spomasz roller mills have proven to be a cost-effective replacement for older style roller mills. Jaymark, a division of B.D.I. Canada Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, introduced Spomasz roller mills to North America in 1996. Benefits include fewer roller mills, less energy consumption, less maintenance and more consistent flour extraction. Spomasz FM06 two-high roller mills efficiently increase capacity of older flour mills. Designed with internationally available components, the roller mills ensure many years of cost effective operation. Standard features include high-capacity HTD belt differential drives and auto engage/disengage of main rolls. Microprocessor control and remote gap setting are available for suspended milling and more efficient grist changes in new mill designs. Jaymark represents the complete line of the Spomasz Milling Engineering Group, including roll chills, cleaning and conveying machinery, as well as Spomasz compact flour mills.