Project Update: New Life flour mill in Canada boosts capacity with Peritec system

by Teresa Acklin
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   HANOVER, ONTARIO, CANADA — New Life Mills, Ltd. in Hanover recently expanded its flour milling capacity by 5 tonnes per hour with the addition of a Satake PeriTec “booster” milling plant to an existing mill unit. The expansion brings total daily milling capacity at the mill to 20 tonnes of wheat per hour.

   Satake Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, said that New Life's objective was to boost capacity within the existing building. “Their focus was to simply maintain previous extraction rates and previous baking quality only,” Satake said.

   The expansion project took four months to complete. Satake began installing equipment in early January, starting with an upgrade of the tempering system, including a new Technovator, a “wetting” conveyor manufactured by Satake, as well as a new 40-tonne tempering bin.

   In March, Satake began installing the booster mill equipment, including a VCW5A debranning system with a dedicated PLC-based controller, five Satake SRMA rollermills with patented intelligent varispeed feeders, two sifters, one purifier and a pneumatic negative suction conveying system. Installation of the Satake equipment was done by Artech Millwrights under contract to New-Life.

   The debranning and milling systems need little or no supervision. “Another benefit of the booster concept is its ability to be stopped for maintenance or reduced production requirements without affecting the operation of the host mill,” Satake said.

   The booster mill was operating to full capacity by early April. During the installation, the host mill was shut down for only 24 hours.

   New Life Mills produces a wide range of flours and specialty products, including bread flour, whole wheat flour, high-ratio cake flour, doughnut flour and noodle flour.

   New-Life Mills Ltd., which is owned by Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd., is involved in flour milling, feed milling and poultry operations, but the Hanover location is the company's only flour mill. New-Life also has corporate links to Ellison Milling Co., a wheat flour and durum mill also owned by P.&H.