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by Editorial Staff
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Inaugural Eurasia District Conference & Expo in Istanbul, Turkey to include education sessions on wide range of milling topics

by Arvin Donley

The educational program for the first International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Eurasia District Conference & Expo is tentatively set and will feature experts discussing a wide range of topics related to the flour milling industry.

The list of topics and speakers at the conference, scheduled for Nov. 10-12, 2006 at the Marmara Hotel, in Istanbul, Turkey, includes:

• Pest Management, Dr. Subramanyam Bhadriraju, Kansas State University.

• Implications of Meeting E.U. Milling and Baking Standards, Viorel Marin, Romanian National Association of Flour Milling and Baking.

• Central Asian Experience with Fortification, Evgeny Gan, League of Kazakhstan Grain Processors and Bakers, and Musa Aidjanov, Kazakhstan Academy of Nutrition. • Education in Flour Milling, Noyan Erik, IMAS Integrated Machinery Systems.

• Alpha-amylase Activity, Gluten Structure and Implications on Dough and Bread, Gunnar Nilsson, Perten Instruments, AB.

• Flour Specification Comparison, Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, Kansas State University.

• Millers’Tool Kit: Fortification Uniformity and Segregation Study, Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, Kansas State University.

• Applications of Material Science in Milling, Dr. Hulya Dogan, Kansas State University.

"We’re thrilled with the high caliber of speakers and variety of topics that the organizational committee has been able to line up for the inaugural Eurasia District conference," said IAOM Executive Vice-President Gary Anderson. "I think that millers who are new to IAOM will leave with a good understanding of the benefits of being part of our worldwide network. We’re also encouraged by the support for the new district that our associate members have demonstrated by signing up to participate in our Istanbul Expo."

IAOM officials said they expect about 30 exhibitors at the Expo to provide hands-on demonstrations and answer questions about new trends and advances in milling industry-related equipment and services.

Even though the conference officially ends at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12, there is still plenty of important activity taking place that afternoon as the Flour Fortification Initiative (FFI) holds its meeting. IAOM is a founding partner of FFI, a movement that is attempting to increase the fortification of flour in all parts of the world.

The FFI meeting will include several plenary and breakout sessions, including a millers’ mini-workshop. To register for the conference online, visit the IAOM website (

Mideast & Africa District Conference rescheduled

Organizers of the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Mideast & Africa District Conference & Expo announced in September that the 18th annual event will be held Oct. 21-24, 2007 in Beirut, Lebanon. The conference was originally scheduled to take place Nov. 5-8, 2006 but was postponed. For more information about the event, visit the IAOM website at