North American Tech Outlook: DICKEY-john

by Emily Wilson
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Monitors and analysis products

Dickey-john Corp. designs and manufactures electronic controls, monitors, sensors and analysis products utilized in agriculture, food processing and a wide variety of other industrial applications.

Dickey-john’s GAC2100 is designed for grain terminals and handling facilities that need continual testing of moisture level in grain shipments. It is available in a standard desk-top version or an automated version, the GAC2100a, for remote moisture testing. The fully automatic machine weighs the sample, measures grain temperature and analyzes the results to produce a sample grain moisture reading.

Dickey-john’s GAC Instalab 600 NIR analyzes ground samples of grains and grain products to measuring moisture, proteins, starches, oils and other constituents in a wide variety of raw materials. The Multi-Grain portable grain moisture tester is a hand-held unit that can be used in the field to report moisture levels in various grains.

Dickey-john Corp.

5200 Dickey-john Road

Auburn, Illinois 62615 U.S.

Tel: 217.438.3371

Fax: 217.438.6012