North American Tech Outlook: Argonics, Inc.

by Emily Wilson
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Since 1994, Argonics, Inc., Marquette, Michigan, U.S., has supplied a range of performance-based Krytane polyurethane products to a variety of industries around the globe.

Argonics can formulate unique, proprietary Kryptane urethane materials specifically to meet individual demands, whether it be resistance to sliding or impact abrasion, sticking or corrosion. The lightweight Kryptane material eases installation and reduces noise.

Kryptile, another sheet product, can be used for impact plates, transfer points, chutes, distributors, spouting and bucket loaders. The sheets are available in plain, fabric, expanded metal, solid metal and stainless steel backing as well as in weldable and bolt-in configurations. Other products include Kryptane flight shoes and a full line of conveyor products, including Snap-Loc dust seal, the Eraser line of conveyor belt cleaners, replacement blades, belt wipers, skirting and the CribMaster load zone support system.