N. American Tech Outlook: Tandem Products Inc.

by Emily Buckley
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Tandem Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Rhino Hyde polyurethane liner has been serving the grain handling industry for more than 35 years.

The first Rhino Hyde polyurethane liners were developed in the early 1960’s by a grain company to solve its own abrasion problems in chutes, spouts and hoppers. In 1987, Tandem Products acquired the Rhino Hyde Products Group.

Through the years, we have developed additional formulations so that we are able to offer our customers the best urethane component for your specific application.

Today, we are known for our high quality products, our exceptional customer service and innovation, best demonstrated by our ability to regurlarly introduce new products.

Tandem has been conducting a field test program to test the durability of lining systems, elevator buckets and level sensors. Tandem now has more than 20 test sites and works with four major grain companies.

Testing found that Tandem’s new Rhino Hyde formulation showed little wear after coming into contact with more than 300 million bushels of grain, and Tandem’s High Energy orange liner shows almost no wear after 300 million bushels. In addition, Tandem’s Everwear elevator buckets also demonstrate extreme wearability compared with other buckets on the market.

A second generation of Tandem’s fireretardant liner is also being tested. Tandem is looking for more volunteer elevators to test the panels, contact us if you are interested.

Our knowledgeable Sales and Customer Service team, working with the production staff, provides superior services to satisfy our customers’ technical and logistic requirements. We invite you to call or fax us today to find out more about our long standing commitment to solving abrasion problems.

Tandem Products Inc.

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