N. American Tech Outlook: Hi Roller

by Emily Buckley
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Hi Roller Conveyors designs and manufactures carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized enclosed belt conveyors. Hi Roller developed the original version 25 years ago and the enclosed belt conveyor has become the standard of the industry.

The patented reloading system returns any dust and spilled material back on to the carrying surface of the belt without the need for cumbersome auxiliary reloading equipment. Any dust or spilled material falls onto the returning belt, travels to the tail section, is reloaded to the top of the enclosure and directed back onto the belt’s carrying surface.

Hi Roller conveyors must meet three primary goals. They conveyors must be: 1. totally enclosed and self-cleaning; 2. without bearings exposed to the internal atmosphere; 3. maintenance friendly. Following these guidelines, Hi Roller has developed numerous models to handle capacities up to 4,800 tph. The "Consignor," a totally enclosed moveable tripper de- signed to replace open belt trippers in enclosed galleries, is remote-controlled via a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Belt conveyors are the most efficient means of conveying a product. Hi Roller’s belt conveyors also have very low maintenance costs. Hi Roller Conveyors has more than 25 years and thousands of application experiences. This expertise and high-quality, long-life components mean many years of reliable life. Hi Roller has developed many innovative options, and its literature can be downloaded through its website.

Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors

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