Moscow to host international cereals trade show

by Teresa Acklin
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The fifth international specialized trade show for cereals, maize, elevators, flour mills, mixed feed and other grains is set for Feb. 15-18, 2000 at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

Technology and equipment for cultivating, harvesting, transporting, storing and processing flour, cereals, mixed feed and maize products will be featured. The first conference for Russian, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic manufacturers of mixed feed will also take place at the exhibition.

The trade show will be sponsored by Expokhleb, Victam International and The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF).

For registration information, contact Shoira Sheralieva at Pavillion Khleboprodukty (N40) VVC, P.O. Box 34, Moscow 129223, Russia. Tel: 7-095-181-9140; Fax: 7-095-974-0061; E-mail: