Mac Equipment closes manufacturing facility in North Carolina

by Emily Wilson
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MAC Equipment, Inc., which specializes in pneumatic conveying and dry air filtration systems, recently closed its manufacturing plant at High Point, North Carolina, U.S.

All manufacturing is now done at MAC's production facilities in Sabetha, Kansas, and Houston, Texas.

Gary L. Cavey, president and chief executive officer of MAC Equipment, said the decision to close the North Carolina plant was based on a strategic analysis of MAC's business objectives.

"Lower production costs will be realized from condensed inventory, freight and order control efficiencies," he said. "Increased utilization in Houston and Sabetha will reduce overhead costs. In addition, reductions in invested capital and other expenses will have positive strategic effects. Importantly, sufficient growth capacity for future demand increases will be maintained."

Cavey said the company remains committed to its customers in the High Point region. Some non-manufacturing functions, such as engineering, field service and sales, will continue to be performed in High Point.