Louis Dreyfus launches new web site

by Emily Wilson
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CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Louis Dreyfus has launched a web site, www.louisdreyfus.ca, designed to benefit farmers and the truckers who move their grain.

Brant Randles, vice-president and general manager, said the new web site was more than an information source. The Louis Dreyfus web site is the first in Western Canada to provide online contracting for grain using real-time grain market feeds, he said. Contracts can be made with Louis Dreyfus grain terminals across the Prairies.

"This is a real, live decision tool," Mr. Randles said. "Farmers can select a contract price, hold it for up to 10 minutes while they weigh their options, then send in their confirmed contract if they decide to sell."

Truckers who haul grain for Louis Dreyfus can log on and bid instantly for any posted hauling contract, then invoice Louis Dreyfus electronically. The result is immediate payment and enhanced cash flow for the trucker, according to Mr. Randles. The web site also keeps a detailed accounting of their Louis Dreyfus business, he added.

The web site also is being designed to include personal farmer pages, where farmers can check on their own accounts and see a detailed summary of the business they've transacted with Louis Dreyfus; virtual on-farm storage planning tools; and direct deposit settlements instead of payment by check as is currently done.

"Farming today is a 24-hour business," Mr. Randles said. "The same goes for trucking. Our new web site allows both groups to use the Internet to transact their business with Louis Dreyfus whenever it's convenient."