Increasing performance

by Stormy Wylie
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Dear editor,
We have a Meyer tower dryer which is supposed to have a capacity of about 25 tonnes per hour with 5% moisture reduction, however the average capacity is about 40% to 60%. So, we need to improve the process or add another dryer.

We are in communication with our supplier to improve performance and are looking for another dryer. But according to your article, we need to invest in additional bins and conveyors to increase the output. Can you provide additional details of the set-up?

Jan Lemmen
P.T. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia,
Sidoarjo, Indonesia


Editor's Reply:
I presume you are drying maize (shelled corn). Dryeration will increase your Meyer Dryer output by 30% to 40% by converting the dryer cooling zone to full heat, so the entire dryer column is used for drying. An additional 20% to 30% should be gained by removing the final 1.5% to 2.5% of the moisture in the Dryeration bin.

In maize drying, Dryeration should increase dryer performance by 60% to 75% without increase plenum heat. Because grain is discharged from the dryer at 2.9% to 2.5% higher moisture content, normal plenum temperatures can be increased by 10° to 12°C without significant damage, further increasing drying capacity. The ability to use additional heat provides another 15% to 25% increase in drying capacity. Increase heat by 3° to 5°C stages, then check grain quality after each change in heat level.