Hartmann: Innovation and research driving customer service

by Chrystal Shannon
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Hartmann Förderanlagen GmbH is an engineering company with its own specific conveying technology and patents. Its activities comprise planning, design and construction of turnkey conveying systems as well as modifications and modernization of existing systems.

For more than 100 years, Hartmann has been designing innovative, high-quality conveying systems, attaching particular importance to customer service. Efforts are concentrated on planning and constructing systems with extremely low dust and noise emissions according to the latest technical standard. Hartmann’s strength lies in individual customer service as well as tailor-made conveying systems with large handling capacities.

The reliability and easy maintenance of its conveying elements are the basis of Hartmann’s reputation worldwide. Hartmann designs and builds tailor-made pneumatic and mechanical ship unloaders; mechanical ship loaders; mechanical conveying systems; suction systems for hot coke; and various components including rotary piston blowers and rotary belt dischargers.

After design preparation, Hartmann commissions qualified sub-suppliers to manufacture the parts of the unit. Key elements of the conveying unit, such as rotary piston blowers and the Hartmann patented rotary belt discharger, are manufactured in special workshops.

To erect the conveying units, Hartmann sends experienced supervisors to the site to oversee construction. After turnkey installation, the performance data are checked and maintenance personnel are trained. After commissioning, regular inspections carried out to guarantee reliable equipment performance.

Hartmann has been certified according to the German DIN Standard ISO-9001 since September 1998.

Kaiserleistrasse 43

63067 Offenbach/Main, Germany

Tel: 49-69–82-97-75-0

Fax: 49-69-82-97-75-50

E-mail: hfa-of@t-online.de

Internet: www.hartmann-offenbach.de