Grain handling on the move

by Emily Buckley
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Conveyor by-pass inlet

Tramco features a Special By-pass Inlet conveyor (model RB) for truck and rail receiving lines. Originally designed as a client-customized project, the conveyor is totally self-cleaning and is sized to require the least space possible. It is ideal for handling low-capacity loads and soft stocks.


Quality standards

Frame S.p.A. has imposed new standards in the quality and design of corrugated steel silos. Frame’s available capacities exceed 13,000 tonnes per individual cell, and hopper silos exceed 500 tonnes. Frame also manufactures chain and screw conveyors as well as bucket elevators, pre-cleaners and accessories.


Handling options

Silos Córdoba offers a wide range of products, such as farm silos with capacities from 6 to 50 tonnes; hoppered silos at 45 and 60 degrees, with capacities up to 1,000 tonnes; flat bottom silos for capacities up to 15,000 tonnes; and handling equipment, such as chain conveyors, belt conveyors and bucket elevators.


Intelligent turn-head

Essmueller’s new "Smart" turn-head features programmable, solid-state electronic sequencing, bi-directional rotation and a panel-mounted controller that can operate up to five turn-heads with 40 positions each. With smooth starts and stops, the turn-spout accelerates and slows between outlets to reduce maintenance and improve positioning accuracy.


New elevator bucket

Maxi-Lift took the best features of the Tiger-Tuff and applied it to its new red HD-Max bucket, designed with thick walls to extend the life between replacements. The HD-Max is on average 9.3% heavier and carries 10.9% more grain or feed than your standard duty bucket.


Grain dryer

The Eco-Dry dryer from Schmidt-Seeger AG is suitable for cereals, maize, oilseeds, rice and granular products. Capacity ranges from 10 to more than 500 tph with moisture extraction from 19% to 15% and economical energy consumption by means of heat recovery.






Full strength

Behlen Mfg. Co. manufactures grain bins up to 670,429-bushel capacity and hopper bins to 55,768-bushel capacity. All Behlen bins utilize a unique trapezoidal wall panel that is computer designed to provide a full bearing connection — flat surface to flat surface, on all seams, for a tighter connection and greater strength.




Expanded Super EuroBucket line

Tapco has increased its line of European style agricultural elevator buckets to ten sizes ranging from 100-90 to 370-215. Super EuroBuckets are molded in polyethylene, nylon and urethane. Engineered to replace European-style pressed steel buckets, their design and capacity is similar to their steel counterparts. Tapco EuroBuckets are stocked in the U.S. and Europe.


Combined grain discharge

Denis introduces its Integral Sweep Auger to combine the gravity and residual phases of silo discharging in one piece of equipment. The augers have a gravity discharge rate up to 600 tonnes per hour, after which reclaim of the residual grain is conducted at rates up to 300 tph. In addition, the augers can complete discharge of the residual cone in only one rotation.





Turnkey storage

Sweet Manufacturing designs and engineers turnkey projects, as exemplified in one of Sweet’s newest installations — a 24,000-tonne storage facility in Venezuela handling rice at 80 tph. Sweet is a leading manufacturer of material handling and support systems, and it strives to provide customers with one source for a complete system. Visit Sweet’s updated web site at



Grain cleaner

The EZE Clean Gravity Flow grain cleaner from Mill & Elevator Supply Company cleans many dry, flowable materials, such as grains, beans, rice and other flowable materials with the aid of a variety of screen sizes. It requires no outside power, is inexpensive and efficient to operate, and it increases profits by reducing dockage.






Bulk weigher controller

The new MasterWeigh VI bulk weigher controller from InterSystems provides an automatic rail car identification system. A RFID reader allows a rail car database to automatically load the rail car ID and loading capacity, eliminating the need for the manual data input. Other features include self-generating tickets, unit train summary reports and archiving, PLC interfacing, and precise loading to desired target weight. InterSystems also offers a complete line of material handling systems.


Storage and conditioning

Brock Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and marketer of grain storage bins and silos. The company also manufactures and markets enclosed roller-belt conveyors, en masse conveyors, drag conveyors, bucket elevators, bin sweeps, receiving pit dust suppression systems, and grain conditioning and drying systems as well as bin/silo access doors, drying floors, and ladders.


New bin line

Chief Industries’ Agri/Industrial Div.’s line of un-stiffened storage and drying bins expand the Titan grain bin series, offering 94 additional models in diameters from 15 to 50 foot, and capacities up to 65,000 bushels. The bins feature un-stiffened 42-inch-high sidewalls, heavy- duty welded anchor brackets, newly enhanced roof design, two-ring walk door and G115 galvanizing.


Continuous conveying loop

MFS/York/Stormor announces a mechanical continuous grain conveying loop that connects incoming grain,storage silos and load-out. The grain pump loop moves grain vertically and hori-zontally with ease. Reduced civil work requirements result in significant in-place cost savings.


Hazard monitoring

The Boone Group’s hazard systems for belt misalignment detection and speed monitoring are a preventative maintenance tool to eliminate costly down-time caused by bearing or belt failure. The Boone Group also offers aeration, dust control and temperature detection equipment.


Grain storage option

A new internationally patented building panel from Australian-based Aramax can empower you to build your own permanent bulk grain store at a fraction of the cost. The all-steel building has many unique features that enable it to span distances of 15 to 22 meters (50 to 70 feet) between supports. Total grain store lengths can reach 60 meters (200 feet) or longer. The panel construction is also designed to be gas tight for effective fumigations.


New bin design

Scafco bins are made from high-strength steel, galvanized-steel stiffeners and box-rib roofs. Sizes range in diameters from 15 feet (4.57 m) to 195 feet (59.28 m). Scafco developed a new family of super stiffeners designed to handle the drawdown loads imposed by very tall bins and severe seismic loads.


Multi-purpose analyzer

LECO Corporation’s TGA701 Thermogravimetric Analyzer determines moisture and ash in various foods, feeds, meats, oilseeds, petfoods, milling products and catalysts. Complying with AOAC, AACC, and ASTM methodology, the TGA701 features a new ergonomic design and easy serviceability. PC-controlled Windows-based operating software adds to the reliability, and supports compliance to FDA regulations.