Grain dryers and bins

by Emily Wilson
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Behlen Mfg. Co., Columbus, Nebraska, U.S., manufactures grain silos, grain dryers and metal building systems. Behlen commercial grain storage bins feature trapezoidal wall panels with built-in wind bands to withstand up to 90-mph winds. Steel silos are available in sizes up to 19,000 tonnes capacity and hopper bins to 1,450 tonnes capacity. Berico brand commercial dryers can be used for all cereal grains, edible beans, milo, rice, soybeans or sunflowers in capacities up to 1,450 tph. Berico grain dryers provide efficient, low-cost drying and quality grain output by recirculating up to two-thirds of all preheated exhausted air and utilize a unique "Turn-Flo" grain exchange during the drying process.

Behlen Mfg. Co.

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