European Tech Outlook: Petkus

by Emily Wilson
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Petkus Wutha GmbH offers turnkey solutions for seed processing and conditioning plants, grain storage and silo plants, mills, feed mills and port grain terminals.

Founded in Germany in 1852, Petkus Wutha was the first company in the world to manufacture seed cleaning machines. Today, it is one the world's largest manufacturers of seed processing machinery, with over 200,000 machines sold in the past 30 years.

The company recently introduced the Multicleaner, a modular cleaning machine with various screen layers for pre-cleaning and seed cleaning of grain and oilseeds, available in capacities from 5 to 35 tonnes per hour.

Other products from Petkus Wutha include indented cylinder separators and gravity separators in capacities from 1.5 to 12 tph; a continuous flow dryer for drying grain and maize in capacities from 6 to 60 tph; chemical seed treaters for grain, especially maize and soybeans in capacities from 2 to 25 tph; and conveying equipment, bucket elevators, troughed chain conveyors and belt conveyors in capacities from 10 to 600 tph.

Petkus Wutha also manufactures a modular, rectangular wall silo, designed for industrial application in grain storage facilities, mills and feed mills, breweries and rice mills. The silos can be easily exported in components and are available in various dimensions.

The bins are particularly appropriate for flour and feed mills, where continuous mixtures of different products is needed. The bins can also be installed in nests or banks in varying quantities according to storage requirements.

Advantages of the Petkus Wutha storage bins include:

• Optimization of available space.

• Compact arrangement compared to round silos.

• Economical transport and erection due to modular panel construction.

• Construction without welded parts.

• Integration in existing buildings and complexes.

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