European Tech Outlook: Hartmann

by Emily Wilson
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For more than 100 years, Hartmann Förderanlagen GmbH has planned, designed and constructed innovative, high-quality, turnkey conveying systems, in addition to modifying and upgrading existing systems. Easy maintenance, long-lasting product efficiency and complete after-sales service is the reputation of Hartmann's conveying systems worldwide.

Hartmann, an ISO-9001 certified company located in Offenbach, Germany, designs and builds tailor-made pneumatic and mechanical ship unloaders, mechanical conveying systems and suction systems with large handling capacities. All systems are designed and constructed with extremely low dust and noise emissions to the customer's satisfaction.

After drawings are prepared for a tailor-made unit, Hartmann commissions qualified suppliers to manufacture the parts. Key elements of the conveying unit, such as rotary piston blowers and the Hartmann patented rotary belt discharger, are manufactured according to specifications in special workshops. All components are checked by Hartmann's specialists in the manufacturing workshop before being packed and dispatched to their destinations all around the world.

Most conveying units are constructed on site, under the supervision of a Hartmann-appointed supervisor. After turnkey installation, the unit's performance is checked, and maintenance personnel are trained.

After the commissioning of a conveying system, Hartmann performs regular inspections to guarantee reliable performance of its equipment. The company also provides long-term availability of spare parts to guarantee trouble-free operation of its conveying systems many years after commissioning.

Kaiserleistrasse 43

63067 Offenbach/Main, Germany

Tel: 49-69-82-97-75-0

Fax: 49-69-82-97-75-50