Easy Systems changes name to Feed Management Systems

by Chrystal Shannon
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Easy Systems, Inc. has changed its company name to Feed Management Systems. Rich Reynertson, FMS president and chief executive officer, said the name better reflects the company’s new business strategy and position in the marketplace since reorganizing and emerging from bankruptcy.

Last October, U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota confirmed the company’s plan of reorganization, and the plan was accepted by creditors and preferred shareholders.

"Having continued to grow while in bankruptcy, we are now in a position to leverage our product leadership to create the foundation for this system and complete our vision," Reynertson said.

He said the company’s acquisition of some of the assets of Brill Corp., Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S., in May 1999 was key to FMS’s new business strategy. Brill is a supplier of feed formulation and ration balancer software.

That acquisition, Reynertson said, has helped FMS become the leading provider of feed management software and services in about 70% of the North American market, 90% of the South American market and 60% of the worldwide market.

A feed management system automates development of custom feeds and supplements; creates and prices program/projections, optimizes feed rations; creates production formulas; tracks ingredients, medication and finished feed inventories; and manages sales and orders.