Country Focus Data: Ukraine

by Emily Buckley
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Capital: Kiev.

Demography: Population 48.4 million, -0.72% growth rate (2002 estimates); Ukrainian, Russian languages; Ukrainian Orthodox, Protestant religions.

Geography: Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea; temperate climate, fertile plains, mountains in west and extreme south.

Government: Republic. Chief of state is President Leonid Kuchma; head of government is Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.

Official agricultural agencies: Ministry of Agriculture under Minister Serhiy Ryzhuk.

Economy: A decade of transitional difficulties began to give way to improvements in the late 1990s. After election to a second term, President Kuchma pledged to reduce the number of government agencies, streamline the regulatory process, create a legal environment to encourage entrepreneurs and enact a comprehensive tax overhaul. Global financial lenders have encouraged Ukraine to quicken the pace and scope of reforms and have threatened to withdraw support. GDP in 2000 showed the first growth since independence, and industrial production grew 12.9%. The economy continued to expand in 2001, underpinned by strong domestic demand and growing consumer and investor confidence.

Agriculture accounts for 24% of the labor force and 20% of gross domestic product.

G.D.P. per capita: U.S.$4,200 (purchasing power parity), 9.0% growth rate, 12% inflation, 3.6% official unemployment, more unregistered or underemployed (2001 estimates).

Currency: Ukraine hryvnia (UAH). March 24, 2003 exchange rate, 5.30630 UAH = 1 U.S. dollar.

Exports: U.S.$17.3 billion (2001), metals, equipment, food products.

Imports: U.S.$17.1 billion (2001), energy, machinery, transportation equipment.

Major crops/agricultural products: Wheat, barley, sugar beets, sunflower seeds.

Wheat: Production averaged 16.1 million tonnes a year in the past five years, ranging from a high of 21.3 million in 2001-02 to a 2000-01 low of 10.2 million. Total domestic use averaged 12.6 million tonnes annually, with 2.2 million of that in feed use. Exports averaged 4.1 million tonnes a year, with imports averaging 298,000.

Barley: Production averaged 7.9 million tonnes a year in the past five years. Total domestic use averaged 6.1 million tonnes annually, with feed use accounting for 4.5 million, on average. Exports averaged 1.8 million tonnes a year.

Transportation: Highways, 273,700 km, 236,400 paved; railroads, 22,510 km, mostly 1.524-m gauge; Odessa, Illichivsk, Kherson are major ports.

Internet: Country code, *.ua; 260 service providers (2001); 750,000 users (2001).

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2002-03 marketing year estimates, except flour production
2000 calendar year *in tonnes of flour
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, International Grains Council