About Norgesmollene AS

by Arvin Donley
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Norgesmollene AS is wholly owned by the Norwegian food group Stormollen AS. A 66% stake in Stormollen is held by the agricultural cooperative Felleskjopet Ost Vest, which is made up of a large number of farming operations varying in size. Stiftelsen Fritt Ord Company owns a 34% stake in Stormollen.

With its market share of 56% in high-quality flours and 80% in the blended flour products business, Norgesmollene is a dominant player in the Norwegian market today. Norgesmollene, which was formed in 1995, owns flour mills in Vaksdal, Buvika and Skien.

Through product development and branding, Norgesmollene says it has gone from being a traditional milling company to a modern food producer, selling a wide variety of flour, cerealbased products, pasta and breakfast cereals to Norwegian bakeries, grocery retailers and industrial customers.

The company sold 205,000 tonnes of product in 2006, of which 167,000 tonnes were flour, cereals and bakery ingredients. Norgesmollene’s total revenue in 2006 was $147.3 million (847.4 million NOK).