A look back at GEAPS 2000

by Emily Wilson
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GEAPS Exchange, the annual conference and trade show of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society, drew near-record crowds at its gathering earlier this year in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Attendance was pegged at 2,170, probably the third-highest total in 71 years, GEAPS said. The trade show featured more than 200 booths. Exhibitor enthusiasm for the Kansas City event is already spilling over into next year's Exchange, to be held March 3-6 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Of a total 274 booths available, nearly 240 have already been reserved.


These are truly exciting and challenging times for GEAPS. We enter this new year with a professional society that is fiscally strong, and with a vision and mission for the future.

As leaders, we are and must be constantly challenged to look ahead. Not to the next board or executive committee meeting, but two, five, ten years into the future. A perfect example of that forward thinking is the facility design conference planned in July 2002.

At our leadership forum last June, we were reminded that we don't exist in a vacuum. Grain handling and processing goes on all over the world. I have had the opportunity to see first hand the commitment to operational excellence at grain handling and processing facilities in Argentina.

As a board, we have been charged with exploring ways to work with other organizations within North America and around the world. We have started our work, but much remains to be done. At our leadership forum at Perrysburg, Ohio, in June 2000, we will continue our work. I invite you to join us and be a part of the solution.

TomDiGiorgio, 2000-01 GEAPS president